Exchange Server Migration to Office 365 Portal

Recently we have completed the Migration activity of the Exchange 2010 to office 365. There is some steps involved which we would like to share in this blog post. I think you will really enjoy to read the blog and learn the procedure how to migrate the on -premise exchange 2010 to office 365 portal without any downtime. There are some procedure and steps which you must take care before doing the activity.

Prerequisites before the migration.

  1. Configure Outlook Anywhere on your on-premises Exchange Server
  2. Trusted certification authority (CA) with your Outlook Anywhere.
  3. Set permissions to administrator on all the mailbox
  4. Disable Unified Messaging (UM)
  5. Autodiscover the SRV record in DNS


Setup before the migration.

1.On-premise Exchange Server 2010 Sp1

2.Symantec Mail Relay

3.Third party DNS Server

Setup After the migration.

1.Exchange Server on Cloud

2.Third party DNS Server for 365 record


Before starting the migration you must check the Prerequisites steps mentioned above and select the migration type and office 365 Plans.

We have selected for the cutover migration (Total┬áno of User’s less than 100 ) and created the Migration Endpoint Batch in the office 365 portal and started the synchronization, once you are ready for the on -premise migration to the cloud you have to stop the endpoint batch and change the MX and other records in the DNS portal.

Create auto discovery record in the Active directory and install the Microsoft office 365 products from online or create the office offline setup to install on single or multiple PC.

After your migration is completed. Install the Dir sync and run for the user and password synchronization.

This blog will give you the overall idea how we can migrate the exchange server to the cloud.

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